0x00000101: CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT fix error

The blue screen 0x00000101 indicates that the expected interruption of the system timer on the secondary processor, in a multiprocessor system, was not performed in the allocated interval.

Watching a movie on your computer or playing your favorite toy, you may encounter the blue screen of death (BSoD) 0x00000101. This critical failure is an extremely confusing issue. If you decide to go through numerous thematic forums, you will find many assumptions about the appearance of this BSoD and the same number of solutions. In today's article we will see with you why 0x00000101 can occur and how you can try to get rid of it.

Reasons 0x00000101

As mentioned above, there are a lot of reasons for this BSoD, and it can be quite difficult to determine what caused it in a particular case. Let's look at a list of possible reasons: overclocking the central processor; Incorrect BIOS / UEFI settings (especially regarding CPU voltage); crashes and errors in the operation of RAM; incorrectly working graphics driver; problems with the power supply. As you can see, we have everything here: a power supply, a processor, RAM, a video card, and even BIOS settings. Some things are pretty easy to check, others are more complicated. For example, to check whether the driver for the video card is the culprit in the appearance of 0x00000101 can be elementary simply by reinstalling it. However, it can be difficult to check if there are problems with the power supply or RAM. Nevertheless, let's not rush and consider each of the available solutions.

Solution 0x00000101

Solution No. 1

Resetting CPU overclocking If, when starting some resource-intensive applications, for example, computer games, BSoD 0x00000101 appears and you previously tried to slightly speed up your PC, then there’s nothing to think: the fault lies with overclocking. Among other things, a similar problem could arise as a result of setting low or high power to the CPU. Try to return to the BIOS and set the default parameters.

Decision number 2

Updating the motherboard driver STOP error 0x00000101 could also occur due to incorrect operation of the motherboard itself. We recommend that you try updating the driver for it (yes, drivers are also available for motherboards) and checking if the problem disappears. If the state of your operating system has stabilized after updating the driver, then consider that you are very lucky and you easily got off. Well, if nothing has changed ... we move on.

Decision No. 3

Updating BIOS / UEFI firmware Some users claim that BSoD 0x00000101 may occur due to the installed BIOS firmware. Try updating the BIOS version (or UEFI if you have a modern motherboard), and then see if this fixes 0x00000101. It is worth noting that different motherboard manufacturers may have certain ways to update the BIOS. For example, for some, this is an update using a USB flash drive, while for others it is an update directly through the operating system. Check out the BIOS update methodology on the official website of your motherboard manufacturer.

Decision No. 4

Reinstalling the graphics driver The blue screen of death 0x00000101 can occur due to a malfunctioning driver for the video card, especially in cases when it occurs during the launch or already working computer game. Reinstalling the driver for the video card is quite simple and now we will demonstrate it to you. Follow these steps: open Device Manager by pressing Windows + R and typing the devmgmt.msc command; Find the "Video Adapters" section in the list and open it; find your video card, right-click on it and select "Delete device"; restart your computer, download the latest driver and install it. This is the most basic way to remove a graphics driver that runs directly from the system itself. This is a normal solution, however, we recommend that you do a little different. To avoid various problems, use the Display Driver Uninstaller program to more thoroughly remove the driver and its related files. Using Display Driver Uninstaller is incredibly simple: download, select the manufacturer of the graphics chip and click on the delete button to restart the computer. Once you reinstall the driver, test your PC again for BSoD 0x00000101. If it occurred when starting certain applications, then everything is quite simple.

Decision No. 5

Checking the RAM As we mentioned at the very beginning of this material, the problem may be the malfunctioning of the RAM installed in the computer. You need to make sure your RAM is working as it should. There are many ways to check. For example, you can try to remove one of the modules from the motherboard, and then test the computer. Among other things, you can resort to the services of useful software called Memtest86 +. This software is used only from under the BIOS, i.e. You will need to create bootable Memtest86 + media and then boot through it.

4 Recommendations for the Elimination of BSoD:

1. 0x00000101: CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT may appear due to errors in the code of the operating system itself. Microsoft is constantly working to correct such errors, releasing patches and service packs. Installed the latest update package (Service pack) and the constant updating of the system will save a lot of errors.
2. If 0x00000101: CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT appeared after the newly installed device driver or program. It is necessary to roll back the driver to an earlier version. With programs, things are easier, removing them will eliminate the cause of the failure. The “Run Last Known Good Configuration” option may be useful.
3. If 0x00000101: CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT began to appear after you have connected a new device to the system, then you need to check it for compatibility with your operating system. If the device is compatible, then you need to download the latest drivers from the official website of the manufacturer and install them. If the latest drivers are installed, you need to install an earlier version of the drivers. If the device is incompatible with the operating system, then it is necessary either to change this device or to change the operating system that supports this device.
4. Very often the cause of the appearance of 0x00000101: CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT is a malfunction of the RAM. To test it, you can use testing programs, such as memtest86+.