DRIVER_VERIFIER_DMA_VIOLATION with code 0x000000E6 is an error for all DMA violations of the Driver Verifier. This BSoD occurs on older versions of Windows due to software damage, as well as system files.

The BSOD or the blue death screen DRIVER_VERIFIER_DMA_VIOLATION with a digital stop code of 0x000000E6 occurs due to a malfunction of Driver Verifier and system drivers. Therefore, to fix BSOD 0x000000E6, you will need to conduct a complete diagnosis of the installed hardware and drivers.

Methods to fix the blue screen of death 0x000000E6: DRIVER_VERIFIER_DMA_VIOLATION

If the blue screen of death DRIVER_VERIFIER_DMA_VIOLATION appears on your screen, then first of all you need to check the Driver Verification Manager itself. First you need to run it. To do this, click “Win ​​+ R” and enter “verifier”.

A small window will open. You must select "Delete existing settings."

After that, the program will ask you to restart the PC. Reboot. Check the result. If the problem was in the drivers, then the utility will fix it. If not, we suggest that you do not perform a reset, but update the drivers and the entire operating system.

To update drivers, we recommend using proprietary utilities from developers of motherboards or laptops (not all manufacturers have such a tool) or use programs like DriverPack Solution or Driver Booster. They will analyze the status of the drivers and suggest updating all or some of them.

Also, some forum users write that the error 0x000000E6: DRIVER_VERIFIER_DMA_VIOLATION may occur due to corruption of system files. However, the sfc / scannow system command will not solve the problem. You need to use the installation disk or USB flash drive, select "Windows Recovery", and then "System Restore".

If system recovery did not solve the problem, then we suggest you conduct a complete diagnosis of the installed equipment:

The hard drive needs to be checked using the Victoria HDD program. We scanned random access memory by the MemTest86 program. We check the processor for temperature and frequencies using the AIDA64 and CPU-Control programs. If all the technical indicators of the equipment are normal, then only reinstalling the system or its rollback can help fix 0x000000E6.

Another way: 0x000000E6 can only happen when the Driver Verifier is running to control one or more drivers. If you do not use the Driver Verifier, you must remove it. Removing the driver that caused the error will also fix 0x000000E6.

4 Recommendations for the Elimination of BSoD:

1. 0x000000E6: DRIVER_VERIFIER_DMA_VIOLATION may appear due to errors in the code of the operating system itself. Microsoft is constantly working to correct such errors, releasing patches and service packs. Installed the latest update package (Service pack) and the constant updating of the system will save a lot of errors.
2. If 0x000000E6: DRIVER_VERIFIER_DMA_VIOLATION appeared after the newly installed device driver or program. It is necessary to roll back the driver to an earlier version. With programs, things are easier, removing them will eliminate the cause of the failure. The “Run Last Known Good Configuration” option may be useful.
3. If 0x000000E6: DRIVER_VERIFIER_DMA_VIOLATION began to appear after you have connected a new device to the system, then you need to check it for compatibility with your operating system. If the device is compatible, then you need to download the latest drivers from the official website of the manufacturer and install them. If the latest drivers are installed, you need to install an earlier version of the drivers. If the device is incompatible with the operating system, then it is necessary either to change this device or to change the operating system that supports this device.
4. Very often the cause of the appearance of 0x000000E6: DRIVER_VERIFIER_DMA_VIOLATION is a malfunction of the RAM. To test it, you can use testing programs, such as memtest86+.