0x000000E2: MANUALLY_INITIATED_CRASH fix error

MANUALLY_INITIATED_CRASH with code 0x000000E2 indicates that the user deliberately triggered a crash dump using the kernel debugger or using the keyboard.

BSOD MANUALLY_INITIATED_CRASH with a digital stop code 0x000000E2 appears on various versions of Windows due to a malfunction of devices connected via a USB port. Also, error 0x000000E2 may appear when connecting a mouse and keyboard using the old format. And some users of foreign forums note that this BSOD appeared on their PC due to damage to system files and in the absence of some updates for the operating system.

Overview of ways to fix error 0x000000E2: MANUALLY_INITIATED_CRASH

If when you connect a mouse or keyboard or any other device on your computer with Windows 7 and not only the blue screen of death MANUALLY_INITIATED_CRASH appears, then the reason may lie in the irrelevance of the drivers. Therefore, even if the system writes that the drivers are current, it is worth updating them anyway. To do this, go to the official website of the hardware developer and download the software there in accordance with the version and capacity of Windows.

If after updating the drivers the error persists, some users suggest editing the registry.

IMPORTANT! Before editing the registry, we recommend that you create a system restore point and a backup of the registry.

Next, you need to perform the following manipulations:

Click “Win ​​R” and enter “regedit”. Next, go to the branch HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ kbdhid \ Parameters and here we create the DWORD 32 parameter with the name "CrashOnCtrlScroll" and the value 00000001. Next, create “CrashOnCtrlScroll”, where DWORD: 00000001 at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ i8042prt \ Parameters. IMPORTANT! The kbdhid and i8042prt partitions may not exist. Therefore, you need to create them manually.

After editing the registry, you need to reboot the system for the changes to take effect.

It should be noted that the error can be caused not only by the mouse or keyboard driver, but also by any other. Therefore, we recommend reconnecting all external devices and updating the drivers for them. It also does not hurt to update the entire operating system in order to eliminate the likelihood of a conflict of installed equipment with outdated system files.

If the error 0x000000E2 MANUALLY_INITIATED_CRASH is not fixed, the problem may lie in the corruption of system files. In order to check Windows for damage, you need to enter sfc / scannow on the command line with Administrator rights.

If, along with the blue screen of death 0x000000E2: MANUALLY_INITIATED_CRASH, another BSOD appears, then the reason may lie in the processor. It is necessary to check it for temperature and, if necessary, change the thermal grease. Temperature indicators can be checked using the AIDA64 program. To do this, open the “Computer”, “Sensors” branch in the program and observe the temperature changes for some time (to change the indicators, load the processor by turning on high-quality video on YouTube).

You also need to check the performance of the RAM and the video card. We recommend that you test the memory with MemTest86, and load the video card with FurMark. If the utilities do not find anything, then we recommend that you roll back the system to an earlier state or restore Windows using the installation disk.

4 Recommendations for the Elimination of BSoD:

1. 0x000000E2: MANUALLY_INITIATED_CRASH may appear due to errors in the code of the operating system itself. Microsoft is constantly working to correct such errors, releasing patches and service packs. Installed the latest update package (Service pack) and the constant updating of the system will save a lot of errors.
2. If 0x000000E2: MANUALLY_INITIATED_CRASH appeared after the newly installed device driver or program. It is necessary to roll back the driver to an earlier version. With programs, things are easier, removing them will eliminate the cause of the failure. The “Run Last Known Good Configuration” option may be useful.
3. If 0x000000E2: MANUALLY_INITIATED_CRASH began to appear after you have connected a new device to the system, then you need to check it for compatibility with your operating system. If the device is compatible, then you need to download the latest drivers from the official website of the manufacturer and install them. If the latest drivers are installed, you need to install an earlier version of the drivers. If the device is incompatible with the operating system, then it is necessary either to change this device or to change the operating system that supports this device.
4. Very often the cause of the appearance of 0x000000E2: MANUALLY_INITIATED_CRASH is a malfunction of the RAM. To test it, you can use testing programs, such as memtest86+.